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occator nullsec fit The maximum extra is so you can limit the overage on Ores. August 18 2019 at 9 58 PM See full list on wiki. That is another good option for moving high value low volume cargo. Yuza WordPress. Outside of the Bustard if you are looking at armor tanking I would suggest the Occator. Please note Nullsec is a different animal than highsec. Firstly my first fitting for an Occator was totally invulnerable to attack. This means I need to put in a few days of training to get the most out of it but once I do I ll be using the Badger instead of the Nereus for most of my low sec runs. Second its PVP escapability is relatively low. quot Solo quot Wormhole Living advice and proven ship fits in a C2 Time for a new post since While I keep checking d scan an Occator a deep space transport ship appears. Tell me if this is an appropriate build. Jun 14 2013 2 You can fit for travel fit Nanofiber Internal Structures in the lows and Low Friction Nozzle Joints in your Rigs to to reduce your align time. You are safer in null than in highsec now days. Carebears if you 39 re in highsec failing to impress our Agents is a fatal mistake. With the skill plan I have for the new character his first goal is to fly a rattlesnake asap with the fit I use. This is probably a case where having a forward scout is more valuable and more important than any module you fit to your ship. These can apply to all environments whether it be high sec carebear mission running or nullsec capital fleets. you 39 re safer in Wspace actually as long as you are capable of closing statics K162s by yourself As a wormhole pirate since like the second week of wormholes coming out I disagree. markeedragon. slots pour un tank correcte l 39 Occator G pr sente la meilleure soute sans C 39 est de fait l 39 arme id ale pour la logistique en low et en nullsec. Hulk Ore Tank . And an afterburner or mwd if you can squeeze it on in one of the mid slots. Jan 29 2010 Well in attempting to close a new K162 from NullSec I managed to overestimate the remaining mass and got my Star Defender toon marooned all the way into deep deep nullsec. I can fit 3 giant containers for about 12k m3 while still moving through hisec extremely fast due to fast warp speed and high agility. Kronos que viene en poco m s de una semana trae consigo algunas mejoras de modelos existentes y otros completamente nuevos. On the other hand the Bustard and Mastodon balance tank and m3 better as they can be somewhat shield tanked without taking up low slots. Anchoring a citadel in a nullsec system will be subject to an anchoring delay if the system contains an Infrastructure Hub owned by another player alliance. Solo Miner Starter Fit Orca 14 Abyss Electrical T1 2 Day Zero Accessible Punisher 12 Ratting Fit Vexor Navy Issue 11 Abyss Electrical T5 Cheap as possible Price includes pod implants in cargo Gila 11 Occator Occator nullsec Damage Control II Imperial Navy 400mm Steel Plates Occator Occator fit Damage Control II Imperial Navy Armor Thermal Hardener Aug 17 2018 You can copy the fit directly from http news. Nov 22 2016 The Occator and its cargo got back safely to our home and I had a pretty sweet escort on the way. Sep 01 2019 It s an entirely T2 fit for 280m ISK a pop and they re hella fun. In this article we 39 ll discuss how to set up a basic events calendar using the Calendar 8. . Mining Lasers and Strip Miners. Total Value 1 448 893 204. 8 billion isk which suggested one reason nbsp https www. The unheated EHP is the largest out of all 4 and the heated EHP also the largest. Final Blow by ReactionSlave01 You May Worship Me flying in a Catalyst. com beastly occator fit haul like a pro Are you wanting to help support the show http store. If you do not feel free to adjust the fit to suit to meet your skills including using meta 3 guns and quot best named quot defenses and e war. Jun 12 2013 You may not have the skills needed for this exact fit. Total Value 234 764 572. F76 8Q to be exact. The delay is an extra 24 hours per level of strategic index. But I suppose there 39 s no guide book on how to lose a bunch of money in a Deep Space Transport it 39 s done solely by instinct. If you wish to use a tanky fit in nullsec see the above highsec tanky fit. V HND Assignment Help provide top class assignment help this Menu planning product development assignment describe all proceeding with hospitality industry For feedback and suggestions evemail Qoi using 2020 08 11 Tranquility Datadump amp Pricing from EVEMarketer. com article pxx548 2019 09 16 nullsec blackout concludes. The result is something of a cross between lowsec and regular 0. My current setup is 41k EHP but I was under the nbsp 28 Oct 2014 I 39 m not sure the Occator would have been my first choice for a DST but Disclaimer When I post fits I am not making any claim that it 39 s the best fit around. I have my eye set on a fleet command ship and can already fit an armor warfare link. After that he will start training into a Naglfar. su 2016 2018. What color is your straitjacket MENU MENU. A lot of people continuously recommend I fly a Viator instead however I believe the Viator really is a weak choice for Low Sec hauling. 36s that s a 4. There was still a chance it could all go very wrong. Look at what a good girl I am today I remembered to save my Astero 39 s fit so when I lose it I don 39 t have to remember how to find my killmail for my fit. I think I have finally decided to ramp up all the leadership skills that I started on last time I was in nullsec. Not good for Null or Low. Welcome to Push Industries the hauling corporation which strives to give amazing customer service. It is that sort of fit which is wonderfully multi purpose. 17 Aug 2018 Hauling in Hi Sec can be just as dangerous as hauling in Null with this fit you should be able to hold your own until Concord arrives Features nbsp since the Wiki fits for the Occator are not capable to use the Cloak ECM burst to GTFO in nullsec emergencies or an MJD for getting through a nbsp 5 Mar 2019 Your fitting in effect gets added to the value of your cargo. Then I moved my medical clone out to our home system and podded myself to get out there. Sure most of them no longer work. 0 all the day to day mechanics of nullsec space bubbles bombs no gate guns etc but open to any who Nov 06 2016 Today s Article and Video about Caldari Alpha Clone PVP Fittings contains the Faction Warfare Condor Kestrel Merlin and Caldari Navy Hookbill as well as the RLML Caracal and ASB Moa . In nullsec you have a reasonable option of skipping the tank driven fits of highsec for max yield fits. x 1. Finally unlike a T3 it cannot get bubble nullification and since I plan to do most of my busting in nullsec this is a big problem. Home Blog. This pilot just wants to GTFO get the far out . First the context you 39 re discussing nullsec so I 39 m assuming bubbled gatecamps omnitank needed and buffer preferred over active tank. So if you did get damaged repair is an issue. Use a cloaky hauler. In theory this will finishing in about 30 days. How can I best fit my Occator to deal with gankers in nullsec Occator 8534 ships destroyed and 27213 ships lost. For hisec I use a shield buffer and either nanos or cargo expanders. What a joke. But I 39 nbsp que tenemos unos 3. Jun 07 2014 It carries more can fit a bigger shield tank has more cap but is less agile and comes with a worse power grid. 31 ISK Solar Starbane 0rizen Irregulars lost their Occator in 9KOE A Catch . Needless to say Agents Tax Collector Emile Australian Excellence Tax Collector Richard Taxman Daniel and Tax Collector Zakard weren 39 t impressed. Dado que ya est n disponibles en SiSi os presento una galer a de muestra. 1 Hidden fits are excluded from the frontpage and search on EVE Workbench the fit is still available if you know the URL. Gate sizes are shown here. It mostly works but there s an additional 1 2 seconds after the MWD cycle ends and the cloak drops before warp engages. I am a nullsec player and part of a nullsec collation. Occator typed my friend. x dev for Drupal 8. Find a small gate. com beastly occator fit haul like a pro Are you wanting to help support the show I have been trying to find a decent occator fit for null sec hauling but cannot fin done. 7s with 3 Nano s in the lows amp 3 Nozzle Joints in the rigs it drops to 7. Jan 24 2010 Don 39 t fit a tank on a viator theres no sense in it. Put in your skills facilities available and minerals required Eventually you 39 ll be able to save skills if desired and you 39 ll get back the compressed ores which best fit that set. 2018 Temperature Blanket Dec 27 2016 My initial plan was to fly only the armor Comets but I had space in my Occator s hold and decided to fill it with some ships I might use solo or on another fleet. Not just because you can open the fleet hanger for your friends to deposit loot into or because you can move even a battleship hull for your friends with it but because I made the off hand remark that I could build a T2 Industrial. enjoy. Exsy V Wild Puppies Corporation lost their Occator in Uedama The Citadel . 0G A25 VI Moon 20 True Power Mining Outpost 0IRK R IX Jove Navy Testing Facilities 0IRK R VIII Moon 3 Jovian Directorate Academy 0LTQ C V Moon 18 Intaki Space Police Assembly Plant 0M M64 VI Prosper Depository 0M M64 VII Moon 5 Jovian Directorate Bureau 0N 3RO VII Moon 14 Blood Raiders Testing Facilities 0T AMZ IX Moon 6 Aliastra Retail Center 0T AMZ VII Moon 10 Player created empires player driven markets and endless ways to embark on your personal sci fi adventure. 55 ISK Cerlestes 39 Ore Table is a daily updated highly informative and easy to read source of information about mining in the EVE Online universe. com Occator Smoothie Energized Explosive Membr Soloing Emerging Conduit sites in HS testing a Drekavak fit that I found on https www. low sec or nullsec enemies can ambush you while the autopilot approaches the gate so it is targeting range and the effective range of the modules fit to your ship such as The Bustard Impel Mastodon and the Occator receive 2 warp. This keyword indicates that the Wormhole leads to Nullsec System . I fit it thusly Highs Tactics. com Feb 28 2010 23. Its recloak delay is a concern to me. e. The text and background colors have been taken from the Solarized color palette. Yuza. . Yes in between my location and home was the largest battleground in Eve. Fortunately for us nullsec spodbrains are very smart people and stayed still a It 39 s an entirely T2 fit for 280m ISK a pop and they 39 re hella fun. Occator Deep Space Transport. 125 de shield. Missing features If you are missing features please let us know using the feedback button by joining our Discord server using this invite or by entering our in game channel quot EVE Workbench quot . 17 Aug 2018 You can copy the fit directly from http news. This is designed to be able to withstand a medium sized gank attempt at a gate. with 0 chance if only one ship locks you and 100 chance of breaking all locks if 200 players target you. May 03 2012 command ships another racial HAC . 1 Sep 2019 Turns out that remote repping Drekavacs really tend to help your Occator not die. This is a Highsec fit. I will have to rely on the MWD trick to nbsp Are you mining in highsec or nullsec Are you mining by yourself or in a group These are good questions. Evasion fit or avoiding the fight. My Mammoth base align time is 11. 1 means 39 as much as you have to 39 Nov 21 2013 First it does not have enough lows do more than a buffer fit. 28 . Don 39 t move it PUSH it We service Highsec Lowsec Nullsec Thera and SOV. TXW EI was a system at the border of Syndicate controlled nullsec and her neocom showed her the most direct route from Intaki required eight jumps through lowsec before the ninth and final jump into 0. Lo mismo que el fit anterior cambiando en este caso el mining laser Upgrade II por un damage control. Stabs Nano Oversized prop mods brick tanked or even just oodles of capacitor. On the whole Gallente are probably the best as they have nice options from the top to the bottom. Rice Krispies Treats Caldari Provisions lost their Occator in Niarja Domain . Mar 07 2016 just another random upload of occator travel and the fit. Hakki Mika took the quot dog 39 s breakfast quot approach to her Occator fit. Wormholers rage roll into two or three regions in nullsec pray for risk free ratting or mining targets and then retreat into the hole to be rolled again naturally if things do not go according to plan while lecturing nullsec dwellers about how they are too risk averse. Final Blow by AGBee 001 Vigilance Training Bureau flying in a Coercer. Strategic I ndex 1 48 hours to anchor So I fit my Occator for maximum escaping capability 6 warp strength 33k tank and headed through lowsec with 50 mil of product in my cargo as well as the can Haav s painful memories a can with a long and meandering story. Dec 28 2015 Evasion fit or avoiding the fight. 34s faster bugout time right there. Example Strategic Index 0 24 hours to anchor. This pilot wants to catch the evasion fit ship. I have stuff between systems and usually there are 2 3 gankers in our system looking for kills. when hauling through lowsec use a blockade runner warp cloaked occator Mwd cloak trick Orca MWD trick very expensive and skill intensive or a freighter with several friends 24. This time the rebels used an actual ganking ship with a ganking fit. Sep 08 2020 Anchoring in Sovereignty Nullsec. 5km from the gate centre a ship jumping an Amarr system gate will be about 14km from the centre of the gate. Let me explain why. Said Occator was carrying 4. If you have ever worked with sites that deal with events you 39 ve probably been asked to create some type of calendar display. Gank fit. It s not that I have a Naglfar right now or have an actual plan to put one somewhere it s just nice to have the option. eveuniversity. lets assume a linear probability from 1 to 200 locks. Ishtar fit for NullSec ratting Drone Lands Occator 8 505 ships destroyed and 27 135 ships lost. After five minutes of combat probes carriers and T3s warping around our wish was granted as a lonely Phobos slid onto grid to tackle our seven Drekavacs. Final Blow by makasoni Quantum Link Company flying in a Loki. Oct 06 2009 So I rounded up all my PVP gear and took it to the designated system where the corp jump freighter pilots move things back and forth between highsec and nullsec. Look at eve kill freighter with 200k ehp get ganked all the time in HS. eveonline. Deep Space Transports are very slow to align. While I don 39 t think this kind of myrm fit is particularly common in combat environments i. Aug 21 2020 Warp Scramblers and Warp Disruptors aim to disrupt the warp drive of a locked target to try and prevent it from warping away. The Sunesis is a special edition destroyer that was given out to all pilots a few years back. Ships jumping in spawn about 12km from the edge of the gate in other words a ship jumping a Minmatar border gate will be 29. Total Value 3 688 701 371. Agents Alarik Maleus Pazzesqo Nam Plau kali laska Votre Dieu Lovchi Vulpeculla Sil Ver and Bastian Mart obeyed their own instincts by incinerating the carebear. or something like that . How can I best fit my Occator to deal with gankers in nullsec Please advice May 26 2020 But the fat bottom of the Occator plus the added mass of the 800mm plate means that this fit has trouble executing the MWD Cloak trick. Example For a high sec transport ships with max m3 or with max tank the Impel and Occator are likely better. With the 30 job speed bonus on the Sotiyo Engineering Complex and a T2 rig in nullsec space the maximum job speed bonus available from Upwell structures in Ascension will be 65. And finally the maximum science job cost reduction bonus available from these structures will be 28. A few jumps out of the null connection our scout found a few Retrievers mining with a Porpoise chugging along. EVEMarketer is market data and statistics tool for EVE Online Astero faction frigate T2 fit and rigged donated by Jurius Doctor Machariel faction battleship deadspace faction fit and T2 rigged donated by E UNI Nullsec Campus 500 male exotic dancers donated by Jaakko Jouhinen 324 million isk donated by E UNI Amarr Mining Campus Shared Can Fleet 1 billion isk donated by B 39 aldrick Aivoras The ship used was a maelstrom and fit with 1400mm artys. My failed fit was built for speed and align and had been fine for many trips to and from jita. I am kind of sad. They adulterated my Jaguar but they were mind and I feel oddly possessively annoyed. If a ships warp drive is disabled because of such modules or a warp dis Yuza. In nullsec this is vital for bubbles but proves useful elsewhere too. I have a viator on my alt. Jul 20 2020 A Victorieux Luxury Yacht can warp cloaked ignores nullsec bubbles can be fit with enough tank to survive smartbombs and has very decent align time and warp speed. That led me to see that all of my fits were gone. 17 Aug 2015 I have stuff between systems and usually there are 2 3 gankers in our system looking for kills. This means it 39 s seeded with npc stations and can 39 t be claimed at least in a game mechanic sense by a player alliance. 94 . See full list on eve ivy. If you choose to use the Occator put only buffer tank ie shield extenders ward field damage control etc When you get ganked you won 39 t have time to boost shields or armor. 0 space. Archives Contact Me Crafts. The cloak MWD trick will not help very much against Warp bubbles in nullsec. org Jan 04 2012 Blockade Runners are superb and useful in hisec lowsec and nullsec. The Comets were MWD fit and the Merlins were AB fit but in most cases we were fighting on the button of FW plexes anyways right in scram range. 30 Nov 2019 Since there was nothing to do in nullsec they were being deployed to highsec. The EHP is in the same ballpark as the Impel and I am giving the Occator the advantage as that 3rd mid slot is nice especially to attempt to break locks. now Im thinking of something with more of a tank. lowsec and nullsec it 39 s worth bearing in mind that you might encounter one. The kitchen sink nullsec fleet was pretty amusing for the short while I was able to come. 25. Thanks. Fit either cargo expanders or i stabs in the lows depending how much you need to carry 3 cargo expander rigs viator can just barely carry a cruiser and three i stabs make runs very quick. Like most regions Agony frequents Curse is npc nullsec. Aside from shield myrms explosive or kinetic are your damage types of choice as with the harby explosive hardeners aren 39 t uncommon but are not standard . the way i read the description the 30 man fleet and 100 man fleet dont have the same chance of the unlock working. 18 d c. Comments. Occator submitted by Othello Warspite To me the Occator represents friendship. As the title suggests just need a fit for an Occator to move some lower value higher volume cargo. He was obviously highly sensor boosted and got off one volley or at least thats all that was needed. 27 ISK His Occator fit is a strange one. 2010 Ces vaisseaux ont une valeur de plusieurs dizaines de milliard d 39 isk sans le fit . What volume of items are you carrying will it fit in a Viator you can then warp cloaked. Our plan was to generate content by sitting on the Encounter Surveillance System and waiting for the fun to arrive. Ships can also be adjusted to use faction or dead space modules depending on the budget of the pilot flying it. Faction scrams triple scram fit high alpha or a hundred catalysts. As the title implies I am talking about the occator. Let 39 s Be Fit Save What You Can So Just Grab My Favourite Fitting For Missions and In some parts of space usually low sec or Nullsec enemies can Mastodon and the Occator receive 2 warp strength bonuses making them much nbsp So I fit my Occator for maximum escaping capability 6 warp strength 33k in it when I went to nullsec was the only cargo container to survive when we were nbsp Not because I know much about null sec politics and because I think they 39 re cool and Having never heard of EvePraisal having never before used the fitting nbsp And are there significant differences between the covert ops ships of the four different races I won 39 t fly trough null sec so escaping bubbles is of no concern. Eve orca pvp fit Jul 23 2014 Skill up a bit then join a nullsec corp alliance and profit. occator nullsec fit